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Games I would like to design

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October 20, 2009

Proposal for two game ideas

1) Genre 1 Kids game: Flashlight Tag

This is a game for a young child, (4-8 years old) with simple navigation and animation. The idea is the child has to find who’s hiding using a flashlight in the dark, virtually that is. The screen is black but the mouse reveals things. What the child will learn is what nocturnal animals are doing and where they can be found.

It’s based on the real game where kids play hide and seek at night with flashlights. According to Rayovac (http://ca.rayovac.com/promo/tag.htm)

How to Play Flashlight Tag:

1. Play this game in a dark house at night or in a safe place outdoors when it’s dark.
2. Find a place to be base.
3. Choose one player to be “IT”.
4. The person who is “IT” waits at the base and counts while everyone else hides. Hiders can move around during the game.
5. “IT” searches for the hidden players with the flashlight. The flashlight must stay on at all time and cannot be covered.
6. Meanwhile, players try to run to the base without getting caught.
7. Players are tagged if “IT” spots them with the flashlight and calls out a player’s name.
8. Each tagged player is sent to the base to wait until the very last player is caught.
9. The last person tagged is “IT” for the next game.
10. Set a time limit for the game, if no one is tagged during that time frame, switch the person who is “IT.

2) Genera 2 Environmental message game: Growing Food Sustainably

This is a game for teens and adults who are interested in gardening. The message/moral of the game is to learn how to grow things in harmony with nature instead of poisoning ourselves and the planet. An example would be the player chooses something off the shelf to help their garden grow. The plants will respond to what the player puts on them, and the user will get a message about the impact of their choice by seeing what happens next, like when a bird comes along or when it rains. I want it to be kind of cute and soft-sell about environmental stewardship.

The Pesticide Action Network has developed a new campaign called “Whats on my Food”, http://www.whatsonmyfood.org/

Their opening statement is at the heart of what I want to reveal in this game:

…on our food, even after washing;
…in our bodies, for years;
…& in our environment, traveling many miles on wind, water and dust.”


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