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Educational Games for Kids and Games for Social Change

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Educational Games for Kids

I am really new at playing internet games but because I am a multi-media design student it is now part of my training. The games on http://www.nickjr.com are nicely done. One game in particular, Kai-Lans Super Apple Surprise, is good clean fun. http://www.nickjr.com/playtime/cats/games/all_games/niha_apple_surprise.jhtml? It teaches little kids how to recognize colors and numbers as they accumulate a quantity of apples. The other nice thing I notice is the cultural diversity element (she is Hawiian?) The prize is a recipe they can print and make in the kitchen with parents. The graphics are cute and pretty basic, but the character voice is a little shrill.

Interactive Game Designs for Social Change

Darfur is Dying is a role playing game. You can find it at http://www.darfurisdying.com “Darfur is Dying” game is a great example of how games can teach. The game is kind of tragic because even though it’s a cartoon, you face the reality of what people actually endure every day. You have to move fast and be a quick thinker. // The game looks “fun” even though the subject matter is grim. Navigation is pretty simple to follow. You enter the game as a child or a young adult that has to forge for water and face down a jeep full of thugs that you have to hide from or be killed. The graphics are done very well in a 2-d vector animation style.// Background: The Sudanese government and it’s gorilla malitia, Janjeweed are raping and murdering thousands of people–women and children. // You also can link to sites that have information about the tragety. Amnesty International is one of them. There are many articles about the violence against women in Darfur, and how their culture stigmatizes rape victims instead of supporting them. // Here’s where I get kind of upset because why are the Darfur men demonizing their wives and daughters who have been raped and beaten by the Janjaweed? Why aren’t the Darfur men protecting their women? For most folks in the free world this is a no-brainer. An oppressed society that oppresses and subjugates its women will not advance.//


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